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Camelbak water bottles were invented in 1988 when a bicyclist named Michael Eidson was competing in a race in Texas in the high summer heat. Knowing there weren't many chances to hydrate along the way during his 100 mile race competition, he came up with the idea of filling an IV bag with water, placed it in a sock and threw it in the back of his shirt. He then proceeded to throw the tube over his shoulder and clamped it shut with a clothespin. Michael could continue pedaling while hydrating hands free.


When looking for a water bottle, to purchase, there are different qualitites to consider depending on what type of activity you are engaging in and what age level you are at.


Camelbak has products for you whether you need hydration for everyday outdoor activities or if you are doing tougher forms of exercise like biking or running. Some of the other types of water bottles in Camelbak's line are filtering and insulated water bottles and water bottles suited for children. In the military line, its products are tough enough to stand even the most intense environments.


Some of the models Camelbak offers are the Arc Quick Grip, the M.U.L.E.NV, the Podium Bottle 21 oz, the eddy Stainless .7L, the eddy Stainless Insulated .5L, the Groove .6L and the Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir 

Some more information about these specifics types of water bottles would be helpful.The Arc Quick Grip is a 
10 oz bottle that is easy to squeeze, BPA free, and hugs your hand for easy drinking.


The M.U.L.E. NV is designed for bikers; it forms to your back, has a rain cover and provides clips for your helmet. A 3 liter reservoir keeps enough water handy to hydrate for an all day ride.The Podium Bottle 21 oz. is lightweight and affordable and has a wide opening which can easily be filed with ice and water. The TruTaste polypropylene with Hydroguard makes it possible to taste only the water instead of the bottle.The eddy Stainless .7 is designed to fit easily in most vehicle cup holders, it comes with a patented flip top bite valve allowing for sipping without tipping so the driver can keep his eyes on the road. The eddy Stainless Insulated .5L is a Camelbak product that keeps water cool for hours. It is BPA free and made from taste free stainless steel so no inner liner is needed. It has an integrated loop handle which makes for easy carrying.The Groove .6L in the filtering line is a water bottle that is BPA free, spill proof and holds 20 oz of water. The filter is built into the straw turning tap water into fresh. Finally, the Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir is one of Camelbak's products  that is designed for those in the military. It holds 100 oz and features the QL Hydro Lock which allows for easy on or off switching of the water flow. It is the ultimate in taking care of dehydration.


Camelbak has a lifetime guarantee. It is called the Got Your Bak Guarantee. It says We Built It, We'll Bak It.